What is Yaalr?

Yaalr is Yet Another Apache Log Reader. It's a perl script that reads an web access log file and outputs either a report on the command line or an html page with a graph. Yaalr is actively developed and there is a release available below.

Please note that the graphing version of Yaalr is only available through the subversion repository at the moment since it has not gone through sufficient testing for release yet. A formal release should happen within the next few months or weeks. Currently Yaalr supports three types of access logs: common, combined, and combined with cookies. These formats are all available now.


Download it here!



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I am going to add a demo page and much more information. Work to turn Yaalr into a CPAN module has already begun, but I am always going to support a small Yaalr script that does not need modules from CPAN because sometimes that is just what one needs. I am also interested in integrating some other perl modules into the Yaalr module, like the W3C log validator.

Any requests or feedback is welcome.

If you find a bug, or if you want to request support or even a feature, you can do that here: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=133057

To get Yaalr with graphing powers use this command from the command line:

svn co http://yaalr.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/yaalr/yaalr_web yaalr_web

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